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Ertagh/teamspeak3-server ServerQuery credentials missing

Hi there,

there is a bug in the repo of “ertagh/teamspeak3-server” ( but there is no chance to write him a message because the project isn’t on GitHub and I hope that he might sees this post here. After the initialzation of the container you get the message:

2020-03-21 06:57:04.007596|WARNING |VirtualServer |1  |ServerAdmin privilege key created, please use the line below
2020-03-21 06:57:04.008990|WARNING |VirtualServer |1  |token=AvwULF56dAuGH0INs6vXDBBoCaO60R4i6k5VfFed

But there should be also a log for the ServerAdmin Query password. I can’t access it without the password. And I can’t use the techniques shown on Google to reset the password because it’s ported to ARM and I can’t execute the start script of the ts3server in the container.

Please give the information about the password when initialize the server!