Are there any active moderators / docker staff members active in the forums?

Can moderator / docker staff member get in touch with my via pm please? Thanks!

looking for beeing contacted.

Good luck with that! They never respond here, and they don’t respond to emails or technical support tickets.Great tools,but shockingly abysmal company - whatever you do, dont put yourself in a position where you are relying on them - use 3rd party solutions instead.

It’s not about product support. Actualy, vanilla Kubernetes is my orchestrator of choise… I call everything else Kubernets+ distros, as they usualy bring a lot of extras to the table that helps to get things up and running easily (Docker Enterprise, OpenShift, Rancher/RKE, IBM Cloud Private), but tend to require workaround for things that simply work on vanilla Kubernetes.

It is about keep this forum clean.