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Except one directory all are accessible from docker container: share drive issue in windows 10 pro

(Sumitanand17) #1

I can able to share windows drive to docker containers but Problem I am facing is except one folder all are accessible.
docker run command:
docker run -idt --name test -v E::/data ubuntu:16.04

Troubleshooting I have done and found:
if i create any file in shared mounted path /data from docker container, all directory now available and if i delete newly created file then again that directory is not available.

and this hack works if i create file in /data , if i create directory then wont work.

I and running docker linux container in windows10 pro.
Docker version is:
server: 18.09.0
api: 1.39
os/arch: windows/64

client: 18.09.0
os/arch: linux/amd64

In system there is not firewall or policy, single user with administrative rights.