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Exec user process caused "argument list too long"


(Fsejoseph) #1

I am trying to install DTR 2.6.1. Setup if Openstack redhat ucp 18.09. UCP works (3 managers), DTR (3 workers), and 2 proxy. But I cannot get DTR to install on the first DTR node? Anyone every had this problem?

INFO[0009] starting phase 2
standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user process caused “argument list too long”
FATA[0012] Failed to execute phase 2: Problem running container ‘dtr-phase2’ from image ‘docker/dtr:2.6.1’: non-zero return code returned from docker/dtr:2.6.1 : 1

(Fsejoseph) #2

My CA was too big to work correctly. so I had to shorten my CA so it can run correctly