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Exposing Docker to USB Device in Windows 10 with Docker Toolbox

(Reaperb0t) #1

I’m building a Docker (cybersyndicates/hot-toolkit) for IoT Exploitation/Analysis (Hardware Hacking) and I need a way for users to be able to access their USB devices (JTAGulator, HackRF, Arduino, RPi, etc) from within the Docker. I would like to create this under the EXPOSE param in the Dockerfile (to work cross-platform), but it would be OK if I used the docker run --device syntax. I just need to know how I would map USB devices from Windows 10 to the Docker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m still a Docker novice, so go easy :slight_smile: Thanks!

(Gannebamm) #2

Do you have any answers for that issue? I want to record via USB mic in a docker container. The host runs win10 and the docker container ubuntu 14.04

(Michael Friis) #3

Windows USB devices are not currently available to Docker containers run with Docker for Windows.

(Gannebamm) #4

OK, thank you for clarification

Michael Friis schrieb am Fr., 7. Juli 2017,

(Sfusilier) #5

Is it in the ‘Docker for Windows’ roadmap?
If yes, do you have any clue when the feature will be available (+/- 6 months)?

(Noktr) #6

Has there been any progress since 1 year ago?

(Gqbdockerhub) #7

I’m also finding ways to this and found this article. I have not yet try this though.