Exposing Docker to USB Device in Windows 10 with Docker Toolbox

I’m building a Docker (cybersyndicates/hot-toolkit) for IoT Exploitation/Analysis (Hardware Hacking) and I need a way for users to be able to access their USB devices (JTAGulator, HackRF, Arduino, RPi, etc) from within the Docker. I would like to create this under the EXPOSE param in the Dockerfile (to work cross-platform), but it would be OK if I used the docker run --device syntax. I just need to know how I would map USB devices from Windows 10 to the Docker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m still a Docker novice, so go easy :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Do you have any answers for that issue? I want to record via USB mic in a docker container. The host runs win10 and the docker container ubuntu 14.04

Windows USB devices are not currently available to Docker containers run with Docker for Windows.

OK, thank you for clarification

Michael Friis docker@discoursemail.com schrieb am Fr., 7. Juli 2017,

Is it in the ‘Docker for Windows’ roadmap?
If yes, do you have any clue when the feature will be available (+/- 6 months)?

Has there been any progress since 1 year ago?

I’m also finding ways to this and found this article. I have not yet try this though.