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[fabric8 MAVEN PLUGIN] No <dockerHost> given, no DOCKER_HOST environment variable

(Mailtargetdev) #1

Hi everyone, please Help me,
I create a micro service with kotlin and compiled by maven, I also use fabric8 for build docker image automatically using maven, when I type mvn clean install and process begin, but there is a trouble, I got this message

“Execution docker-build of goal io.fabric8:docker-maven-plugin:0.24.0:build failed: No given, no DOCKER_HOST environment variable, no read/writable ‘/var/run/docker.sock’ or ‘//./pipe/docker_engine’ and no external provider like Docker machine configured”

so i try to export environment DOCKER_HOST=tcp:// using command export DOCKER_HOST=tcp:// also using DOCKER_HOST= , so the error message in above done, but connection is refused .

this project made with mac and run well on mac, I clone this message to my server with centos 7 .

please someone who understand help me, thank you.