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Facing issue while installing docker in windows server 2019 docker image

Expected behavior

I should be able to build a windows server 2019 docker image and when provisioned should be able to build a container/pod that has all below dependencies installed:

  • .NetFramework 4.7.2
  • Vs BuildTools
  • Docker-cli and Docker Engine

Below is the Dockerfile that I have build so far. I was able to achieve everything except installing docker-cli and docker engine to build a docker image.

Much appreciated for the help to make docker up and running in a pod/container that is running Windows server 2019

I don’t see that :slight_smile: but I don’t think that is necessary to solve your issue, so it’s alright.

I have never installed Docker on Windows Server so I can only give you suggestion. Describe how you tried to install the CLI and Docker Engine so if someone can help you, they can see what your problem is.