I am using Docker Windows on Windows Server 2019 but it seems latest version of Docker don't has support

Hi All,

In my org we are using Docker Window - on Windows Server 2019 OS.
Its implementation where our web app client runs in isolation in multiple windows container and server present outside docker and connected with every container 1:1.
My question is till Docker version 4.21.1 I am able to install docker on Windows server 2019 OS.
But now latest version of docker 4.25 + seems not able to install on Windows server 2019 OS.
Due to this I am not able to update latest Docker windows on our Windows server 2019 OS.
Is support completely removed for Windows server 2019 in new release ?
If so then why ?
If someone want to use Docker on Windows server OS then which would be right version of Windows server OS ?

Any leads/support around this will be highly appreciated.


This question has been asked and answered multiple times over the years. I can’t believe the forum search did not yield any useful topic about this…

You must have stumbled across the system requirements for Docker Desktop for Windows: Install Docker Desktop on Windows | Docker Docs

The absence of an OS in the documentation doesn’t mean they forgot to add it to the list, it means it is not supported.

There is no Docker for Windows Server from Docker Inc… The primary support channels for Docker on Windows Server are Microsoft and the Moby project. Furthermore, there is no Docker for Linux containers available on Windows Server.

You can run Windows Containers on Windows Server though:

If you want to run Linux containers anyway, you could install a Linux VM in Hyper-V and install docker-ce on that Linux VM. Make sure you pick a Linux distribution that is supported by Docker-CE.

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Best post ever :slight_smile: I especially love the part where you share what you know about the topic and contribute something valuable to the topic.

My stance on the subject is clear: Docker Desktop is not supported on Windows Server 2019, this remains true regardless whether it used to work or not.