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Failed to launch Docker Toolbox (for windows) under Administrator account

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I’m on Windows 7 (prof edition), I intend to test drive Hyperledger Fabric,
just downloaded and installed docker toolbox, prior to that, prerequisites have been downloaded and installed as well.

The very first time launching Docker Toolbox was fine (it did its things…). But the second time, when I attempted to launch under Administrator account, it failed with VirtualBox Manager (.exe) error, failed to be loaded, em: context -> LockMachine, -> LockType_Write problems.

And the problem is, if I don’t launch Docker Toolbox from Administrator account, bash unpacking hyperledger fabric ran into permission problems, it won’t be able to create new directories etc. (mkdir etc).

So, how do we solve this problem? Options?

Thanks in advance.


im facing the same problem right now too…did you get a solution?