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Permissions on Windows for non-Admins

(Madog) #1

Hi All:

I am a newbie, experimenting with the Docker Toolbox and Kitematic on Windows. As best I can tell, I can only start/run these tools if I am an Administrator on Windows. If I try to start them as a regular user, I get errors; if I start them as Admin in a regular user account, they work.

If possible, I’d like to avoid giving Windows admin privileges for regular users to the docker daemon. Is this possible? Maybe I have to adjust permissions on the exe’s, but am worried that will let regular users change more than I intend.

I’d like to create containers that regular users can start/run but not “change” (e.g., they could start a container as a regular user but not change the docker file, add new images etc).

I think this is a different issue than gating which users get access to persistent volumes (which I would do in the Docker file) but goes instead to what containers a regular user can start without giving them Windows admin permissions that would allow them to get to the Docker daemon if I understand all of this…

Help appreciated…Thanks!