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(D95096201) #1

Hello everyone ,

I’m new with docker technologies and i’m affected to a new docker task .
I want to know if what i’m about to do is something achievable or not.
So, the task is to build a container that have as a main goal to install oracle database on a remote server.
This container take the target server address as parameter and execute all the oracle installation steps on the client .
First the container will copy all the packages needed to the host , configure all the dependencies ( Set up the yum repo for a localinstall ) , start the install of the oracle preinstall package . copy a prepared response file .rsp and then start the command to install oracle db on the remote machine while giving me feedback on the progress of the installation.

I just want to know if this kind of procedure is something feasable and if so, how to procede exactly.
Any tips will be much appriciated.
(sorry for my bad english)

Thank you.

(David Maze) #2

There are a variety of configuration automation tools that are good for this kind of task. I’m partial to Ansible but Chef and SaltStack are also prominent options.

Requiring your end user to install Docker, figure out an appropriate filesystem configuration, pull a custom image, then run it with a complex command line that will give it unrestricted access to the host filesystem is a lot of work, just to have an installer. (Scripting installing Docker on its own if you don’t know anything about the target system can be pretty tricky.)

(D95096201) #3

Thank you for your quick response , actually i have already managed to do this task using DSC powershell as a management configuration tool , but my problem is that i have a very large number of users and my server couldn’t support the demande so i decide to give containerization a try , i know this is an unnecessary workaround and the build may be tricky but if i can find some examples i’m confident that i can manage to succeed.