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Can an end-user oracle schema be containerized

(Fipnova51) #1

Hello community,

I’m totally new to docker, I’m starting to learn it and I’m wodering if my use-case can be improved using docker container.

We use a jenkins pipeline to allow end-users to deploy our application made of the software itself and an oracle database.

Most of the time spent in the pipeline is in the import of the oracle expdp file.

I’m wondering if I can create a docker container that will contain:

  • the oracle instance
  • the schema already loaded

if this is possible, I guess starting the container will be faster than importing the schema.

I know there are some docker images of the oracle product but I’m just wondering how a container can contain a schema already loaded because a schema relies on a tablespace that relies on physical files and I’m not sure we can ship physical files within a container.

Thanks for your input :smiley: