Feature Request: Set VM memory size during installation

After upgrading to RC4, I ran into a bug that caused me to “reset to factory defaults” so I could keep working on a fresh install. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to bump the VM memory size from 2GBs to 8GBs before building and running my containers. When I started my containers, one of them failed to start. I believe the VM ran out of memory and the whole VM started acting unpredictably. I didn’t think about that I had forgotten to bump the VM memory size, so I spent a lot of time trying to recover from this problem.

So, my feature request is for the Docker installer to prompt for the memory limit for the VM (2GBs being the default, but being able to change it to something larger). That is, the installation process should allow the user to set the default size of the VM.

I realize that I can change the size in the Preferences after Docker is running and reset it then, but it would be a whole lot less trouble, and more user friendly, to just pick the default size during installation and not have to remember to reset it before actually starting the VM for the first time.