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Fedora LXDE viewed with VNC Server and AnyDesk

Hello everyone!

I’m fairly new to the docker world but I’ve been tasked with a request that feels impossible, at the moment.

I have a virtual (running in VMWare workstation 15.5) Debian 10 buster server (console only, no GUI) in which I’ve installed docker. Now, I’ve been asked to install a Fedora container which should be accessible from my Windows host via VNC and AnyDesk.

So far, the documentation regarding using VNC for this task is almost inexistent or I’ve been unable to follow it due to the fact that the guides use the “systemctl” command which doesn’t work in docker containers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

PS: Should I be using a ‘host’ network or should it be a ‘bridge’ network with an exposed port?