Few Questions from a MS House : Docker on Windows Etc


We are a predominate Windows House and are looking to move over to Linux on a few services. As such we are looking at Docker [request from Dev Team]

I want to confirm a few things based on what I have researched - are the following true

  1. For Linux containers to run you need to install Docker on a Linux flavour

  2. For Windows Containers to run you need to install Docker for Windows

  3. So basically, whatever the underlying host is - thats what containers can run by default as Docker is Containerisation NOT Virtualisation. IE

a) Linux on Linux Host
b) Linux/Windows on Docker for Windows running on Windows Server 2016 etc and the Docker VM that is created on the Windows )S does all the translation so both Linux and Windows can run on it

  1. If we want to use SQL 2016 on Windows along with PHP and Java - [which have been developed on Windows] then we need to use Docker on Windows?

Are the above 4 statements true?


I don’t know about getting windows containers running on Docker on Linux because so far I’ve been unable to get docker-machine to work on my Linux box, but the Windows version will run either Windows containers or Linux containers (but not a mix. You have to pick at install and can change it post-install).