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New to Docker - Windows questions

Starting to study Docker, “Docker for the absolute beginner” KodeKloud…all Linux.

I am a Windows type (InstallShield\Release Engineer). I just worked on a project where I created a Installer for a Windows exe (runs on 2016 Server or higher), that accessed a service on a Linux server. I am trying to figure out how (if possible), I would containerize this.

If running a container on 2016 or higher, it is actually running on windows? On Windows 10, is it running in Linux?

So, on Docker Hub I would download one of the three images listed, to be used as the image to create the container to put the windows exe on?

Does the Linux service have to be in a container of its own on the Linux server, or can the windows exe directly access it without it being in a container?

If the Linux service needs to be in a container, did I read somewhere that all accessed containers need to be on the same host, and if so, then the Linux service would need to be on a Linux container, running on WSL, on the same host as the windows container?

Is there any examples or documentation specific to what I am asking here?


I have to believe that this is the wrong forum for my question.