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Find my organization account back




I had a docker ID with name “zhanglihua0808”, and there was an organization account with name “wanchain” under the docker ID. And that docker ID is the only person within the organization “wanchain”.

Couple of weeks ago, I converted my docker ID to an organization account (under docker ID “wanglutech”), and I found I have no way to access the organization account “wanchain” any more.

Could you please help to move the organization account “wanchain” to my new docker ID “wanglutech”?

I have submitted the support form twice but didn’t get any response. I really need help for this case! Thanks so much!!



Could anyone can help me on this case? Appreciate!



Could anyone let me know how can I get some support for this case?
I have used the forum, web form and Emails (, but none of them can get response.