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Changed my account to Organization account, now no access

I have changed my account to Organization account, now I have no access.

Ok this is stupid but the answer from Support of Docker made me look Einstein.

’ They told me that I could see the repos from my new account perfectly. ’

Only the question was to get access to my Organization’s repos of the organization I don’t have access to.

Is support of Docker always this stupid and that is why their is a Forum?

Well, you are lucky you got some answer. I haven’t and I have a paid subscription. The forum is here to help each other and let the support deal with things we can’t solve. Unfortunately this is one of those cases I think.

How did you convert you account to an organization? Did you have a new account before the conversion? I suppose you could not even convert an account without having a new one to make that an owner but I haven’t converted any account yet, this is why I ask.

Could you login to you new account where you didn’t see your organization?