*FIXED* Known issue: Can't create Azure node (invalid storage account name)

I’m trying to create a node on Azure, but I get the following error message:

ERROR: 8703737d-myaccountname: Azure returned an error: Unknown error (Bad Request) BadRequest The name is not a valid storage account name. Storage account names must be between 3 and 24 characters in length and use numbers and lower-case letters only. ERROR: Node Cluster Deploy action on ‘mynodename’ in region ‘Microsoft Azure/North Europe’ has failed

Looks like the name you’re generating (8703737d-myaccountname) doesn’t follow the validation rules for the Azure Storage service. Specifically, the hyphen character.

Any workarounds?

Same issue for us on US West.

This is a known issue. A fix will be made available no later than this week. I will update when fix hits productions.

Sorry about this.

This should be now fixed in production.