Forward output from container to ROS


I have a container with a program running which gives me strings. I want to forward those strings to ROS and publish them to a ROS topic. How can this be done? Googleing taught be about an docker ros image you can pull and docker compose but I don’t really get how to combine those… I know how to use ROS but not how to call ROS from my container … Thank you very much!


Should I have one container with my program and one ros container and make them communicate and pass Strings? Or should I somehow download ros inside the first container? Any help is highly appreciated! ROS is already installed on my host machine if that helps

I am not sure what you mean with ROS. Is this the platform use for robotic research? What is this ROS publish? Can you manually interact with this ROS publish? if I were to do a test to publish to this application, what call will I do?

Think a container to be running a single process in general terms. So you will have one container, the StringProvider, which provides strings as you have previous described. I suggest that you try becoming familiar with running containers first. I find Digital Ocean guides to be very handy and a good way to start. For example, this one:

After you have a simple hello world running in your local machine, you can interact with this containerized application using curl, postman or fiddler.

Tell us what you can accomplish after working with the quickstart guide and provide additional details provided above ^ and people here will be able to guide you to the next step.