Freezes or hangs or stalls during pull or build or run

Over the past month, Docker has begun hanging or freezing whenever I try to build a new image, or pull an existing one.

Even for the same image, it does not always freeze in the same place.I have tried this both with the Stable and the Edge build.

This is on Windows 10 Pro version 1607 OS Build 14393.1358 and current Docker version is 17.06.0-ce-win18 (12627) in stable channel, but this same issue has persisted for a month and persisted across several Docker resets and uninstall/reinstalls.

On some people’s suggested, I have added exclusions for AntiVirus including Docker Folders and .exe files, but this has not made a difference either.

I’m having exactly the same syndrome on Windows 10 with docker version 17.06.0-ce. Pulling just stalls at random place, spend a whole day pulling one single image and never succeed.