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FROM erring as 'not a valid repository/tag' in Dockerfile


(Matt Brender) #1

I’d like to create a Dockerfile that starts from the well-adopted grafana/grafana image, using the 3.1.0 tag, and then running a few other commands to configure the environment. Here’s my file:

FROM grafana/grafana:3.1.0

RUN mkdir -p /usr/local/var/lib/
RUN grafana-cli --pluginsDir=”/usr/local/var/lib/grafana” plugins install raintank-snap-app


Running docker -i Dockerfile results in the error: docker: Error parsing reference: "Dockerfile" is not a valid repository/tag.

I can’t find great documentation on expected FROM syntax and why the Docker Hub name isn’t good enough here. My goal is to not rebuild Grafana in a separate image if at all possible.

Any thoughts? Thank you!