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General questions about docker swarm on v1.12.0-rc1


(Marcelotjse) #1

Hi, so far I’m loving the changes to swarm mode(compared to docker-swarm) but I have a few questions that I don’t see addressed in the documentation.

  • How are health checks performed, can I use custom parameters/URLs to check the liveness of the service?
  • Are services created with “docker service create” persisted somewhere, if not how is the expected way that I should go about doing that?
  • From I can understand if I try to connect on any node to a service, docker will redirect the connection to the correct node(running the service). Is there a way to set a node exclusively as a load balancer?
  • When a node is brought down(for any reason) and brought up, the tasks are redistributed among the nodes. Does the swarm passes some of the load(tasks) back to the node after it’s brought back, to reduce the load on the other nodes?
  • Is it possible to configure the master to not receive any tasks?