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Github to Docker Cloud Image not Updating


(Nickritsondev) #1

Im fairly new to Docker and am trying to get my create-react-app in my GitHub repo to work with Docker Cloud, its connecting and updating successfuly but the image does not seem to update.

Ive made and account and linked the repos in both Docker Hub and Docker Cloud.
When i do a git push command in my project to my repo, it successfully starts an autobuild on both Docker Cloud and Docker Hub, which both complete successfuly.
When i start up Kitematic and create a container with my image, i get back the original image, without the changes to the code.

Is this a caching issue with the build process or have i missed out a crucial step somewhere?

The Dockerfile is

FROM node:8.9.4

ARG app_env
ENV APP_ENV $app_env

RUN mkdir -p /frontend
COPY ./ ./frontend

WORKDIR /frontend
VOLUME /var/lib/data

RUN yarn && yarn cache clean


CMD [ "yarn", "start" ]

(Jmiraglia) #2

If this is on your local machine and the image tag remains the same it’s probably being cached. You can remove all images cached on your local machine: