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GPG key signing at DockerCon


(Adam McMaster) #1

If anyone attending DockerCon would be interested in swapping/signing GPG keys, let me know! I have a stack of business cards with my key fingerprint on them and I’ll have ID at the ready.

I’d suggest lunch on both days would be a good time to exchange keys.

(Jason Martin) #2

I’m in! If anyone wants to participate and doesn’t have anything with their Key ID/ Fingerprint on it, is a good resource to generate some cut-ready sheets that have the necessary information.

This avoids scrawling insecure KeyIds (need fingerprint to be a reliable identifier) or passing around a hideously dangerous USB drive with keys on it.

(Adam McMaster) #3

So I’m thinking lunch tomorrow is a good time to do this, to give more people time to see this. Maybe the area in front of the registration desk at around 1.30?

(Adam McMaster) #4

Ah, just realised lunch is earlier today so let’s make that 1 pm instead. I’ll be hanging out by the stairs to the left of the registration desk.