Credentials Management with gpg2, and email

I have a docker account here, and just installed docker desktop linux. I’d read and understand from “Credential store not initialized” that I will need to write a name, and email to generate a gpg key. However, I am confused by 2 things.

  1. Does the name and email I give to the desktop app must match my docker account here, or it is just any random name & email will do, but need to note them down?

  2. The gpg key that is created for password for me, does my linux remember it, or do I need to copy paste it into my password manager, once a user prompt may pop up?

Without currently using Docker Desktop for Linux, my answer is based on how GPG2 works. The email address that you use when you create a GPG key, does not have to be an existing e-mail address. You can probably use something like “Docker Desktop <docker@mymachine.local>” You can protect your credential store with a password and Linux would occasionally ask you to type that password. In case of Docker Desktop I don’t know how long it will remember that.

I know my answer is not really an answer since I am just guessing, but you can find out eveything if you try to create that GPG key with any email address that is not the same as you use for your account and in time, you will see how frequently you need to provide password again :slight_smile: