Help: Docker container of specific name stops after 5 minutes on Unraid

I really hope someone can help me as this is very strange, and I have left everyone on the Unraid forum bewildered.

I had a sonarr docker container which was working fine for months (if not years), but then suddenly would only run for 5 minutes without stopping.
I don’t think that the issue is actually with sonarr itself though. It seems to be the name of the container causing the issue, not what is in it.

My container was called “sonarr” when the problem first occurred. I recreated an identical copy of the container with a different name - “sonarr2” - and it ran for several hours. I then stopped the container, deleted the old “sonarr” container and renamed the new one to “sonarr”. The container stopped after ~5 minutes. I changed it to “sonarr2” again and it ran for several hours again. I repeated this name change several times with the same result - “sonarr” always stops after ~5 minutes, “sonarr2” never stopped. It ran as “sonarr2” for nearly a week (before I stopped it myself).

The “sonarr” container isn’t “broken” as it does work perfectly for the 5 minutes it actually remains running.

Does anyone have any clue what might be causing this and how I can make it stop happening?
I’d quite like my original container name back, but more importantly I don’t want this to happen again/to other containers

This is really looks like you have a service on the machine, maybe a cronjob that stops containers named “sonarr”. Why, I can’t tell you that. You should check cron job configuration files, systemd unit files and every configuration file you know on the host.

You can also constantly monitor the container for 5 minutes by checking the logs and see if there is any clue like receiving a signal to stop or crashing. You could just check the logs after the container stopped, but I don’t know how many log entries would be in the container so watching it constantly can help.

Thanks for getting back to me
I did actually manage to (with very much help!) track the issue down late last night and you are pretty much spot on!

There was an rclone related user script (I didn’t build the server so I didn’t know about it and I still don’t really know what it was doing) which now seems to have credential issues or similar which stopped the container, failed somewhere, and thus didn’t restart the container again. That was running every 10 minutes…with the script disabled my issue is gone