Stop Containers at a certain time?

Hello I would like to stop the containers at a certain time as the server is restarted. What is the best way to do this? Maybe you have some tips for me :slight_smile:
Greetings, Max

I moved your topic, as the category “Tip & HowTos” is ment to be used when you share tips and how-tos for others, not for asking for tips and how-tos.

You can always use a cronjob to stop your containers. Though, unless your machines is stopped by pulling the plug, a shutdown will stop the docker engine, which will result in all containers being stopped within a grace period and hard killed after that (note: the same happens with docker stop)

Is there anything not working as expected? If so, please share details that allow us to understand the situation.

Thank you for the answer. I had an error in a MongoDb, which no longer started correctly because a temp folder was not emptied. Then the problem seems to be more with the container itself.