Help for a beginner in docker

I have recently started to deal with docker and I have a couple of questions about its configuration and operation:

  1. I created a new network, so to speak
docker network create \
-o ""="true" \
-o ""="true" \
-o ""="" \
-o""="1500" \
lan-test --subnet

after that, I create a container and assign it an ip address immediately

docker run -d --name=test-container --net=lan-test --ip= images:tag

Can I make access for this container from an external LAN to the ip addresses of containers without specifying ports?

In the router of the external network, I registered a secondary network and the ip address of the gateway indicated the ip of my server. When checking the ping to the ip address, requests and responses pass, but if you ping the ip addresses of containers for example or, etc., then the ping no longer passes

  1. Please tell me if it is possible to add or decrease hard disk space on a working container without losing container data:

--storage-opt size=150M

Thank you in advance for your help in exploring the docker system.

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I’m sorry, I’m new to this forum and my English is not very good

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Docker bridge networks are not supposed to be routable. Instead, you publish a container port on a host port and access the container port using the host port(s).

You are not using any volume, and the default volume driver `local´ is not a block device, it is just a private folder on your file system managed by docker. There is no way to limit the size.