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Help in selecting plan


I want to get Docker registry Pro account.
I have 2 repositories in Github, I am using Github CI/CD to run builds and create docker images and currently storing the images in Github docker registry.
I am using these images to deploy in my cloud k8s cluster and all working great.

Now we want to switch image repository to docker and we are not sure which plan we must use. By seeing at it pro is enough. But have few questions.
How much storage would docker allow us to use ?
How much data transfer would be included in package ?
Based on what we should create accounts, currently we having only 1 developer and BA, tester. Obviously BA and tester would not sue registry. And github would push images and cloud would pull them. Must I create accounts for github and cloud seperately, so including developer should we have 3 accounts ? Or is 1 account enough and can use that credentials all the time ?

Thanks in advace.