How do Docker monthly and yearly plans work?

Hi everyone,

I make a premise, I am not yet in a position to buy a Docker plan because I am still struggling with writing my docker-compose.yaml file. Thanks to the support of the forum I am making great strides and this makes me very confident. I met professionals who were very prepared, available and with commendable preparation.
I opened this thread to understand how Docker plans work, at the moment I don’t need technical information and I don’t want to gain experience because my local configuration is not finished and still needs to be tested.
I think I use 7 images: tomcat/java, php/apache, mysql, postgresql/postigs, pgadmin, phpmyadmin and nginx. I plan to insert a small app in java and a site in wordpress. I can’t estimate the visits at the moment. Mine is not a commercial but an educational activity. Wordpress worries me a lot because it’s a CMS 10000 times heavier than my java app.

  1. Are Docker plans VPSs?
  2. I get a Linux system that I can connect to with Putty, WinSCP, upload my docker-compose.yaml file, upload my .war files, upload my .jar files, upload the wordpress files and launch the containers?
  3. Is it also possible to have a static IP on the VPS?
  4. If I decide to change the plan, do I have to redo everything and get a new VPS or are the resources scalable and by paying more I can have more resources?
  5. Is it more complicated to write docker-compose.yaml or to open the VPS for a user who is not a system administrator?
  6. In your opinion, which plan should I start with?

Docker Plans: Pricing - Docker


I think I can answer most of your questions with one answer. No, You don’t get a VPS (Virtual Private Server). You get larger download limits and more feature on Docker Hub like automated build and vulnerability scan, but you can’t login to a VM. As far as I know you can only build images for AMD64 architecture but I am not sure about that.

As an individual, the PRO subscription is the best for you.

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So I can’t use these plans to publish dynamic websites?

Correct. Docker does not provide any hosting. They only offer a registry for your images, but nothing to run those images as containers.

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But what do I need a register for?
The word register makes me think of saving.
What advantage would I have if I saved 150 lines of code online instead of on my computer?
I just don’t understand …

I don’t know. However…

Registry is Docker Hub in this case. So you can share images that you created. And as I wrote


But I don’t create images, I use images. I create images starting from other images but they are not to be shared because they are written by me and contain, as you well know, many errors.

Using the registry is not mandatory :smiley: But even if you have images only for local use, storing them in a registry is much easier than building locally and building again a week later which sometimes does not work because a remote repository has changed or not available. You can have “Unlimited private repositories” with a PRO subscription which means only you can see them and you can download them to any machine. Docker Hub has a download rate limit too. If you are pulling images from a local network which has only one public IP (I don’t know for sure if this is the only thing Docker checks) then you can reach the rate limit and cant download new images. With a Pro subscription if you are logged in, it is not a problem, but if you work with only some images and rarely pull new images, you will probably not have problem with a free Personal account either. I don’t want to convince you but I don’t want to talk you out of paying for a suubscription either. I have it because I wanted to have bigger limits and automated builds. Check the pricing table and decide whether you need it or not. You could have official support too with a subscription, but the Docker support is not for teaching how to use Docker, so when you have problems with your Docker desktop or any service of Docker which we can’t solve, than having official support can be good too.

If you don’t understand something in the pricing table, we can explain it to you, but ultimately it will be your decision based on your needs.

If you are just curious, you can buy a pro subscription for one month and try everything you can. The Pro subscription for one month is not expensive. Cheaper than Netlix or HBO MAX :smiley:

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I don’t want to use the registry, I want to use Docker locally like I always have.
Can commercial support help me terminate my docker-compose.yaml first?

If you mean terminate as “finish”, no. Learning will always be our job. If you want to terminate (stop) containers because you found a bug and you are not able to stop containers, maybe. But I don’t think I would ask the Docker support for that either because that is something that you can do with our help and report a bug,

Recently I had a presentation about how you can get help and report or fix bugs. This is the first time I share it here in public, but I think it is relevant so here it is:

These slides explain how you can ask questions on the forum if you want faster answers but I also mention the support and issue trackers. I would say ask the support only if nobody else can help. Otherwise they will have so many questions that they can’t answer in time to anyone.

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I am very satisfied with the forum and with the technology. I am struggling a lot to reach my goal but this problem is not due to the forum but to my preparation. I am not a computer engineer but a passionate amateur. Where I live, people who improvise to do something are called “chocolatiers”. I am very pleased that the community does not exclude chocolatiers.