Help with Docker Swarm

Hi! I’m a student working on a clustering project with a partner, we have been investigating and trying things on our own with Docker swarm a few weeks now, we have 4 raspberry Pi 3 to work with, ARM arquitecture, and we have done services with apache to show as an example of high availability. We want to do an example of high performance too, like showing how X service work slower when they have 1 node less, etc. The thing is, we wanted to do it with Hashcat or mysql but both are not available with ARM/v7 arquitecture, we have been looking for something to try to do for this example but after a lot of days searching in vain and the project deadline nearby We hoped that we could get some advice here.

Look at the hashcat or mysql image descriptions on Docker Hub. Try to find the github repository that contains the Dockerfile and any related context necessary to build the image using the Dockerfile (read the Dockerfile, and look for files that it imports etc, packages it downloads, etc.). Build the image on the raspberry pi, push it to a private repository (private local repository, or to your Docker Hub account), then use the image in the swarm.