Hooking up Docker for Azure created swarm to Docker Cloud

I’ve been added to the Docker for Azure private beta and have successfully created a swarm following the steps documented. I can connect to my swarm and all looks good…

I’m curious how this works with Docker Cloud? Docker for Azure is using the VM scale sets so it will add VMs if necessary, but how do those new hosts get added to my cluster in Docker Cloud? I haven’t tried hooking everything up… so I’m wondering if I should just run the “bring your own node” script on the swarm master, or if you should do it on every node?


Excellent question!

On a parallel track, we’re working hard to make all of this work with Docker Cloud. The plan is to have a “bring your own swarm” flow, and for you to be able to create swarms from Cloud directly.

Let us know whether that makes sense, and stay tuned!

Yup… makes complete sense. Both of those solutions work for me. I’d like to have a bit more control over the way that Docker for Azure creates the resources in Azure, specifically the names of the resources & using just one storage container for all VM hard drives

So to clarify, you can’t hook up your own swarm today to Docker Cloud, including the swarm created by Docker for Azure | AWS?

No, not yet.

The multiple storage containers is an Azure recommendation: https://github.com/Azure/azure-content/blob/master/articles/virtual-machine-scale-sets/virtual-machine-scale-sets-design-overview.md#storage

Is there a particular reason you’re not a fan of that approach?

Do you have details on how you’d like the naming to be changed?

Ah… wasn’t aware of those recommendations for storage… thanks for that link.

As for the naming, it really isn’t all that important… I also wasn’t aware (from the link you shared) about the technique of using names to spread the load across internalsystems, so random names are fine.