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I am new to docker (about one month) and want to be able to host multiple types of website on a single cloud based server with one single ip. I have searched high and low and was able to put together about 50% of my goal. I am looking for help in completing my project. Any advise or knowledge base will definitely help.

Single Public IP
Single Server with Docker installed

Port 80/443 - jwilder/nginx-proxy. This serves all my port 80 and 443 request. It works as a reverse proxy. All works great.

Port 25 - Postfix container. This container is setup as my internal smtp relay with an internal ip address. All the containers have postfix installed with relayhost=:25. All works.

I am running WordPress, Concrete5, and HTML containers. Certain containers hold more than one website. Everything works great so far. I plan to expand my architecture and have more capability.

I would like to have ftp access to each container. How would I resolve the request…through nginx? Will I have to create a new container and run and ftp server? If so, how do I separate users to only have access to their containers. I want the files to be edited on the live container.

Also, I would like to give individual users ssh access to their own container. Same kind of question as above but ssh instead of ftp.

Basically I would like to have a similar setup as a hosting environment. Any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!