How can I find out which pod the directory belongs to?

OS: centos7
docker info
docker info
Containers: 62
 Running: 58
 Paused: 0
 Stopped: 4
Images: 73
Server Version: 18.06.3-ce
Storage Driver: vfs
Logging Driver: json-file
Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs

Today ,I find my /var usage is 100% ,and vfs dir is very large.

cd /var/lib/docker/vfs/dir
du -chs *
610M    035d5b02bc1860721e5a189da5c9c17790e4e0a1ae30b726603622b8e879624b
534M    03b520ad9aed4dc9d62c3936745f273bef71a636385dfccef22e99ccffcd014c
502M    05ea8de38f955255817fe0632426e801a71d247939abd4488e409bad41b87c8e
576M    08fa951442a636fbf1496db2de1b110ca8fa96b35fefbb33bb0e1a979e9cb10d

I try find “035d5b02bc1860721e5a189da5c9c17790e4e0a1ae30b726603622b8e879624b” which pod used it.

But I just find one info:

grep -R 035d5b02bc1860721e5a189da5c9c17790e4e0a1ae30b726603622b8e879624b /var/lib/docker/image/

Then I can’t find any info :woozy_face:
like use docer ps | grep ID,docker images | grep ID and so on.
How can I do?
I just want which pod(k8s) use disk .

can you please give more details regarding your question
did you check