How can I find the path to a certain container?

Hello, all!

First time poster here and kinda noob, as well. I have an issue: I’ve been following this guide in order to set up fail2ban + npm. The thing is that I am using zfs (on Ubuntu 22.04) along with Docker’s zfs storage driver to get it all to work. Now, using the overlay2 driver allows me to find the container I’m looking for using the command docker inspect $(docker ps -qa) | jq -r 'map([.Name, .GraphDriver.Data.MergedDir]) | .[] | "\(.[0])\t\(.[1])"', but using it with zfs returns the path as null, as shown below:

/pihole	null
/npm	null
/fail2ban	null
/nc_app	null
/nc_db	null

I suspect I can find it with different regular expressions, but regex is not my strong suit :sweat_smile:

Could someone help me out? Many thanks :blush: