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How to determine the path in container

(Zehandai2018) #1

I’m a beginner of docker and I’m following the 5 min picture classifier tutorial in youtube. I’m trying to use this command:

docker run -it -v $HOME/tf_files:/flower_photos/

Problem is I do know I should adjust this ‘’$HOME/tf_files:/flower_photos/’’ according to my need. But I don’t know the path in tensorflow container. It’s not just as simple as in Linux…

I google the mechanism and the structure of docker but it’s too much for me. Could any of you help me?

(Sam) #2

the path looks exactly like in linux. , starts at /

unless you set a unique username in the dockerfile or on docker run, the container is running as root.

(Zehandai2018) #3

Yes I finally made it, and now I come to the last step.

Thank you for your attention!