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How can I mount /lib/modules from the linux host, on Windows?


(Francescomxm) #1

Expected behavior


docker run -it --name netadmin --cap-add ALL --privileged -v /lib/modules:/lib/modules alpine /bin/sh

I would expect being able to mount the “Linux” host dir and not the Windows Path.
I need this to enable some modules in the “Linux Host VM” kernel.

Actual behavior

It appears to mount an empty dir.

(Michael Friis) #2

Hi there - enabling this kind of customization of the Linux VM is not a primary use case of Docker for Windows. Could you provide more details on what modules you need to load and why?

(Francescomxm) #3

I have two use cases.
Running software which needs to configure ipvsadm like
Requires preloading of kernel modules like ip_vs, ip_vs_rr, ip_vs_sh.

And l2tp client software e.g.
I would like to setup an l2tp client container, not srv, but the set of required modules is the same.

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