Docker mount drives

Hello all

I am trying to mount an folder on the physical folder for example “c:\user” to my linux container "/var/log"
when i try the example “docker run --rm -v c:/Users:/data alpine ls /data” i get an error “invalid bind mount spec”

but if it try “docker run --rm -v /c/Users:/data alpine ls /data” it don’t error but it does not show anything

any advise on this would be gratefull

Please provide details on what terminal emulator you’re using and whether you’re using Docker for Windows or Docker Toolbox.

Thanks i was using docker on windows with hyper-v, i worked the issue out being i needed to share the folder

im use debian example
docker run -d -p 81:80 --volumes /home/my/www:/var/www apache-php

you cannot mount folders from the windows desktop to your hyper-v docker host. You can only mount folders that exist on the docker host (hyper-v). Only way would be to make a share in your hyper-v docker host to your windows desktop users folder and then mount that folder into your docker container. But it would have to exist on your docker host…