How can I set the hosts on docker desktop like `docker -H <url>`?

I set a docker daemon in my remote server ubuntu.
And I want to get control of it on my mac book docker desktop app.
I can see the result of docker -H ssh://<user>@<ip> ps.
It is really the same work I expected.
But I can’t find how the docker desktop acts like this.
The app shows me only about dockerd on my laptop.

Could you let me know how can I make docker desktop app control the remote host?

The Docker Desktop UI can’t connect to a remote Docker daemon and it is not likely that it ever will. You can only connect to remote daemons from the terminal using the Docker client. If you don’t want to pass the argument every time, you can configure an ssh context. Since @meyay has just shown a solution, I will leave a link to his comment

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@rimelek Thank you so much. However, I hope it so in the future.