How can I use Amazon Linux with Docker for AWS in place of Moby Linux

I have a customer who would like to use Docker for AWS, however they would like to use the Amazon Linux distribution for their manager, worker node instances in place of the Moby linux AMI’s that come with Docker for AWS.

Is that feasible?

What are the pre-requisites to ensure that the Amazon Linux AMI used will satisfy the needs of the docker containers (e.g. init, etc) that are used to initialize and manage the swarm on top of the nodes?

I’m assuming at a minimum that docker CE must be installed onto the Amazon Linux AMI. And possibly that a user account named “docker” with sudo (no password) rights must be present?

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Can I use my own AMI?
No, at this time we only support the default Docker for AWS AMI.

Thanks for the quick reply. Docker for AWS is a great offering by the way. I use it all the time.