How could I add daemon.json at docker:dind

I have a private registry build by docker image, I didn’t use SSL.
I use GitLab CI to pull my image from registry. I got http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client
How could I add daemon.json in docker:dind ? I have many articles say after I added daemon.json I need to restart docker. But I couldn’t find systemctl and service in the docker:dind.
How could I fix this?

Depending on which configuration you are using for the Runner.
You can mount the deamon.json with the Runner configuration.

Can you post your Runner Conf?


I want to enable settings i daemon.json for experimental features. So I’m facing more or less the same problem as the topic starter. I use a gitlab-runner in a kubernetes cluster and use standard docker:dind image. I could modify the toml file of the cluster if needed but I would like not to. Is there any other way except of building your own image?

From what I remember the docker:dind image should support all dockerd command line options as argument.