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How do I build docker-compose from source for Linux?

(Twofifty6) #1

I have an embedded Linux device (armhf) running Ubuntu that I would like to run docker-compose on. There seems to be a pre-built .deb file for Docker itself (and I was able to run dpkg -i to install it), but docker-compose binaries only exist for the amd64 architecture. Thus, I am trying to build docker-compose, but there aren’t really any good instructions in the git for how to accomplish this task. I looked at the scripts/build/linux file and saw that it basically just runs a clean target and then issues a docker build command. So I issued docker build -t docker-compose -f Dockerfile.armhf ., which successfully built me a new image that runs docker-compose.

I would prefer to build the docker-compose binary for arm, but how do I actually create the binary? I can either build it on the target architecture, or do a cross-compliation with gcc, it doesn’t much matter. I just can’t figure out what the build process actually looks like. Am I missing something obvious? :frowning: