Install docker compose rootless on Raspbian 64bit

Hi. Just started afresh this time installing docker as rootless using the convenience script at I’ve ran Hello World and it works.

I’m on Raspbian Bullseye (Debian 11) 64bit.
Server: Docker Engine Version: 23.0.2
OS/Arch: linux/arm64

Now wish to install docker compose. I found the page Docker . As my docker does not have compose then presumably I need the 2nd option:

[2.] If you want to embed Compose inside your own image, you can use the docker/compose-bin image to copy the Compose binary into your image:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1
FROM my-image
COPY --from=docker/compose-bin:2.17.0 /docker-compose /usr/bin/compose
RUN compose version

Can I use this? Will this bring in a 64bit Arm version? If so, where to I put that syntax?

Many thanks for reading.

It would in a Docker image, but why would you use docker compose in a Docker container? That is for special cases. The easiest way is installing the compose plugin

and use it in the rootless context.

Do you really need it in a container?

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Many thanks for a quick reply - much appreciated.

I was confused by 1) having previously installed in a container 2) now trying rootless which needed a special docker install for Raspbian 3) seeing older articles before compose became a plug-in.

Installing as a plug-in was quick and easy: It installed:

Thanks again. Now to install Portainer and Home Assistant…