How do I create an image with nginx and php for my application?

Hello brothers, how are you?

I’m a noob in the area. I’ve never had knowledge of Docker, I’m starting in the area and I would like some help from you brothers.

I need to create a Dockerfile for an application, it’s a PHP site that will run with NGINX.

I already have the application ready, just need to make the Dockerfile.

How I do?

I can’t understand the docker manual.

Thank you all.

I did a google search for you using with the terms “build image php nginx”.
One of the first links from the result is Dockerise your PHP application with Nginx and PHP7-FPM | The Geeky Platypus Blog.

There are plenty of similar links in the result. I am sure they can help you to get an understanding how it’s done.

Oh thanks brow.

Can I do this without Docker COmpose?
Can I do it only with the Dockerfile?