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How do I get a token?

(Evan Zamir) #1

Super bummed because I just got an email giving me a Docker for Mac Beta 9 update and I thought, oh, this is neat, and promptly uninstalled my current version of Docker. Then once I downloaded the beta, I realized you need an invite code. Would have been nice to have been told this in the email!

Obviously I can reinstall the current version of Docker, but it would have been nice to play with the Beta. Is there any reason it is invite only at this point?

(Mike Flynn) #2

+1 on this. Exactly the same scenario and pretty annoyed that it told me to remove Virtualbox before it asked for the token.

(Evan Zamir) #3

So apparently (h/t to @frenchben via twitter) I did get an invite token a few days ago, but it must have been captured by my spam filter. Check there!