How does a cluster volume work?

Hello everyone,

I recently read on the docker docs about the „new“ cluster volume option (see docker volume create | Docker Docs)

Can someone explain me, whats the difference between a „normal“ volume and a cluster volume? I cannot find anything on the internet, like docs or tutorial, how to use cluster volumes and it seems to be a new feature, regarding to the pull request from May 2022.

I am searching for a solution, to store data in a volume on a swarm and want to access to this data on each node (depending on where the related service instance is running)

Is this cluster volume maybe the solution i am searching for?

Thanks for your answers!

That’s would be a dream come true :sunglasses:

The docs for API 1.42 states:

POST /volumes/create now accepts a new ClusterVolumeSpec to create a cluster volume (CNI). This option can only be used if the daemon is a Swarm manager. The Volume response on creation now also can contain a ClusterVolume field with information about the created volume

I would say that was the start of the CSI integration, blog post here. Some more info about the current state can be found here.