Read-only data volume (or container) in registry for swarm?

I have a container that needs access to a rarely-changing directory of data files (14mb or so, ie. too much for configs). I’m going to run this container on a bunch of nodes in my swarm, and I’d like to be able to automatically suck down a copy of this data from my private registry when the containers are run.

It seems like the old data-containers and a volumes_from command could do this for me, but now it seems like this has been deprecated and even removed from the compose file format that I use for my swarm, but it doesn’t seem like named volumes are replicated to the swarm and so some functionality has been lost?

What’s the best practice for doing this? I’d really like to avoid installing a bunch of plugins or other tools if possible. The docs imply volume drivers might solve my problem?

I’ve thought about maybe having a container in my registry that just moves the data from its internal volume to a host dir that’s shared between the two containers when it launches, but that seems pretty hacky and wasteful give that the data is already there…