How know who own a organization?

I need to know if exist some way to know who is the owner of a organization.
In my work wants to start publish images with the company name, but the name is already taken in Docker Hub.
I want contact the Owner to know if he can transfer this organization to me.

Ps: Sorry about my bad English.


Same question here - is there a way to contact the owner of a namespace?

Hey there,
If your organization has a trademarked namespace that you’d like to claim, follow the instructions here:

Great there is a way for trademarks to get their handle. But what about non-trademarked open source projects? I’m owner of a Github organisation, and someone created a Docker account some years ago to setup automated builds. Now other developers would like to add more projects to Docker hub, but the original developer is unresponsive. And worse: we’re not even sure who actually set this up.
Is there a way to resolve situations like this?


Same situation here. Did you figure out how one can do that?