How to access and run docker microservices containers from APIGateway container

I am new to Docker. Crated Angular front end AspNetCore Microservices with Docker Support/Compose.

Windows10 Machine

Visual Studio 2017 15.8.1

Docker 18.06.0-ce

Docker compose 1.22.0

Docker Machine 0.15.0

LinuxKit v0.4

Docker and Visual Studio 2017 are in same machine

Default/pre-built VM name: MobyLinuxVM

The complete source code available at

Now run the images on Docker containers and try to access them. Note: use https to access urls when running

UI Image name – angularwebui , Able to access UI container URL, localhost:44306

Microservice1 Image name - aspnetcoremicroservicescustomers

Microservice2 Image name - aspnetcoremicroservicesproducts

Able to access Microservices directly running on containers. localhost:44300/api/customers and localhost:44302/api/products

APIGateway Image name - aspnetcoremicroservicesapigateway

Not reachable When I try to access Microservices via APIGateway URL. Can someone help me on this? Do I need to run this differently or am I missing anything. localhost:44304/api/customers and localhost:44304/api/products